Monday, August 15, 2005

Café Rules

When this café was opened, it was meant to just cater to a small crowd – people who were specially invited.

But things change and I guess it is time to open my café to anyone who wishes to come in and hang out! (OK, OK – I have no choice in this matter actually, since me blog has been recently “infiltrated”!!!! But I have screened thru me blog, made the necessary amendments and deleted a few posts to make it … erm… fit for public consumption!)

There are some café rules which I hope will be adhered to by one and all.

The rules (in no particular order):-

  1. I reserve my right to delete any comments posted herein for whatever reason (or for no reason at all!);
  2. Feel free to criticise but do so constructively;
  3. Respect other peoples’ comments;
  4. No cheap shots, please! (Yes, you know I’m talking about you!)
  5. No vulgarities (but “stars”, “asterisks”, “hashes” etc. are allowed!)
  6. No links to any other websites except to your own blog

Thank you. Enjoy your coffee and do come again.

*At this point of time, anyone can post a comment (even non-bloggers) and comments can be posted anonymously. I hope that nothing will happen to change that.


Ooooh, it's "open house" once again in this place. :)

Now I don't feel so bad about checking your blog---I can post again! :)
You know that the monkey *** *** said that ### was a ** and an #### * * * Terrible hor ?

wow! really-ah? well, methinks that **##@* and **** is sure #$%## but having said that, ***##@$# is just as bad, dun u think?
hello bro,

having a break from seeing patients now. thought i should leave a message for u ;)

work's been challenging.starting at the rheumatology clinic soon.will be praying for you and your preparation for exams.have faith!


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